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Congrats! You completed the NewCov CrossFit Beginner Program!

You have been approved to enter the regular CrossFit Classes.

Click HERE to join the Newcov CrossFit members facebook group. Also, please download and register the Newport Fitness app for easy access to daily WODS and schedule if you have not already. 


Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make your transition easier.  

  • Please introduce yourself to the CrossFit trainer if you have not met them yet and let all trainers know you just graduated the beginner program, so they can keep a focus on you to make sure you feel comfortable in the class setting and are using appropriate weights and form.

  • The structure of the class will be slightly different than the beginner class. It will start with a 15 Minute warm up, followed by 20 minutes of isolated strength training. (Example: Work up to a 5 Rep Max Back Squat), then the high intensity conditioning (the WOD - Workout Of the Day) will follow which is generally 20 minutes or less. If there is time at the end, it will conclude with about 4 to 6 minutes of accessory work, which focuses on toning accessory muscles or core. 

  • Saturdays and Thursdays are Team Style Classes. Don't worry about finding a teammate or partner; we will pair you up with someone of similar ability during the class. 

  • Any time you see a CLEAN or SNATCH in the strength or conditioning part, please complete from the hang position for at least the first 3 weeks of regular classes. However, you may take from the floor during the warm ups which will slowly teach you how to do it from the starting floor position. 

  • Please follow the beginner suggestions on the daily posted workouts for as long as you need to. If you are ever unsure about how to do a movement or what weight to use, don't hesitate to ask a trainer. They are there to help :)

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