Beginner CrossFit 

Welcome to the NewCov Beginner CrossFit Seminar! Below you will find video demonstrations of the main weightlifting, gymnastic skills and body weight movements done in CrossFit. We will cover these in detail during the beginner seminar and do a fun WOD (workout of the day) at the end of the seminar to allow you to practice what you learned! 

You only need to complete ONE beginner seminar to enter the regular CrossFit classes. However, please feel free to repeat the course if you feel you need further instruction or practice. 

Upon entering the regular CrossFit classes, be sure to introduce yourself to any instructor you have not met yet and let them know that you recently completed the beginner course. They will be sure to give you extra attention the first few weeks to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Don't be afraid to ask questions! We are here to help! 

During the regular CrossFit classes, the format is as follows: 

1) 15 Minute Warm Up. The trainer will put you through a guided warm up.

2) 15 - 20 Minutes of Strength. We will have an isolated weight lifting skill. Generally this is either a "max" lift meaning the most you can lift on that skill OR various percentages of your established "max." On these days, since you will not have established a "max" yet, then pick a low starting weight and just increase your weight with each set. The trainer will help guide you on these weights. 

3) 7 - 20 Minutes of Conditioning. This is generally considered the "cardio" portion where you will take part in a high intensity workout combining weightlifting, cardio and bodyweight exercises. There will be suggested beginner weights to use the first several weeks, as well as suggested modifications for any advanced skills.. You should start to slowly increase your weights eventually working towards the "Rx" or prescribed weights once the beginner weights start to feel easy. 

4)  4 - 10 Minutes of Accessory. This will be on days where time allows. This is generally more traditional gym exercises to allow you to develop accessory muscles to that are not usually a focus on traditional crossfit workouts.