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CrossFit is a unique style of high-intensity group fitness classes. It combines various forms of weightlifting, cardio and traditional body weight exercises. The workouts are different every single day, so you never get bored! 

Each class is led by one or more certified trainers guiding, coaching and motivating you through each part of the class. 

Never done CrossFit before?

No problem! Jump into one of our Beginner CrossFit Classes to be taught proper form and technique on all of the weightlifting movements and learn modifications for any challenging skills. We require at least three beginner crossfit classes before moving into regular crossfit classes.

Get our FREE WEEK PASS to try out crossfit, fitcamp and high intensity mix classes. 

Ready to Sign Up? 

Purchase our 6 week introductory CrossFit special for $150. Includes unlimited access to all 

CrossFit (Regular & Beginner), Em's Fitcamp Classes, Em's FitFest, Boxing Bootcamp and High Intensity Mix Classes.

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