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$99 for 1 month or 6 Weeks for $150 - unlimited classes!

What's included: Unlimited access to the Beginner CrossFit, Regular CrossFit, Em's Fitcamp, Em's FitFest, High Intensity Mix Classes and Boxing Bootcamp.

BEGINNER CROSSFITTERS: You are required to complete either ONE Beginner CrossFit orientation or (3) beginner personal training sessions. Click HERE to sign up for beginner CrossFit. 

EXPERIENCED CROSSFITTERS: You may enter the regular CrossFit classes as long as you have done CrossFit for atleast 2-months at another CrossFit gym. NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS.


It is highly recommended that you download the Newport Fitness App for easy access to our schedule and the ability to check into classes.

Click HERE to view our schedule. 

NOTE: You MUST pre-register for every class.

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