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Em's Fitcamp is a modified version of CrossFit. We recommend this class to anyone who may be intimidated by CrossFit. The fitcamp is a group fitness class combining strength, cardio and traditional body weight exercises. We use dumbbells and kettle bells, instead of the barbells you see in CrossFit classes. We took out all of the scary equipment such as ropes, rings and pull up rigs.

ANYONE can do this!

Ages 11 and Up. 


Every class is led by an experienced, motivating trainer who keeps you moving! The workouts are different every day so you never get bored! The classes are designed to cater to all ability levels and sizes.

We provide everyone with a FREE WEEK PASS to check us out! 

NOTE: You MUST pre-register for class to ensure we can meet capacity limitations. 

Click HERE to view our schedule.

Ready to get started? Our introductory special is 8 weeks unlimited classes for $140!!

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