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NewCov CrossFit is a gym specializing in a unique style of group fitness classes, different than anything you have experienced before!! CrossFit is a high intensity workout combining different types of weightlifting, cardio exercises and traditional body weight skills. We know that CrossFit can be a bit intimidating, which is why we put all beginners througha beginner crossfit course to teach them the proper form on all of the weightlifting exercises and modifications for any challenging skills. 

The community at NewCov CrossFit is intoxicating. It starts with our incredibly friendly and welcoming staff who makes you feel comfortable in the class setting. The community continues to resonate with the family of members we have created since 2011. Our CrossFit family encourages, motivates and pushes you to new physical and mental limits. We also participate in monthly social events to bring our community together, whether it be a fun day at the ball park, a trip to Keeneland or hosting a fundraiser. 

Beginner CrossFitters

New to CrossFit? 

No worries! We have 3 beginner classes to learn the proper form and techniques needed to feel ready and safe for our regular crossFit Classes. 

We give everyone a Free Week to try us out. 

Click on learn more to get the free pass and to learn more about our introductory special. 

Experienced CrossFitters

Transferring from another CrossFit gym? 

You can jump right into our regular CrossFit classes! We offer everyone a free week to check us out before committing. 

Click on learn more to get the free pass and learn about our 6 week introductory special!






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