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August 2019 Member of the Month: Scott Roberts

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Scott has been a member at NewCov CrossFit since October 2017. Coach Raquel Theodosopoulos said "Scott is truly an athlete. Through & through. He keeps his eyes on his own progression. He never back down from challenge or change. He never turns away help & asks for honesty which is rare." Coach Megan McDonald stated that "Scott has a no quit attitude. The harder the work put the more he likes it. And he sweats more than anyone I know."

1. What made you give CrossFit a try?

I was not in good shape, physically. I was overweight, suffered from Plantar Fasciitis and had high blood pressure. I needed to find something outside the normal gyms. So, I began researching CrossFit and after speaking with Emily and other members we decided to give NewCov a shot. I can now say, that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. We have been here a few months shy of 2 years and I no longer need to worry about taking medication for high blood pressure, have absolutely no more issues with the Plantar Fasciitis and have lost 55 pounds.

2. What did you think after your first WOD?

After my first beginner class, I was sore in places I did not know I could be sore in. But, I was definitely hooked. I enjoyed the style of workout that coordinated cardio and weight training. As opposed to just getting on a treadmill or just doing bench press and curls, like at conventional gyms.

3. What has been your favorite CrossFit memory so far?

My favorite memories so far are competing with my wife in our first competition (Gobblers and Gobblettes), completing my first full MURPH Challenge and seeing the faces of both my wife and son after they put up a weight or successfully completed a movement they did not think they could do.

4. What is your favorite movement?

My favorite movements would be push presses or jerks. Getting heavy weights above my head.

5. What is your least favorite movement?

Snatches and Burpees. I think Burpees will always be the answer to this question, but hopefully with more technical work, snatches can be taken off the list.

6. Do you follow any specific diet?

I do not follow any specific diet. For me, it is about making healthier choices and portion control. My wife is an excellent cook and is always finding/preparing healthier meals for us.

7. What has been the biggest improvement you've seen from your training?

Endurance and Strength. When I first started, I could not even do a single pull-up or fully run around the block. Now, I am doing all of the conditioning at RX.

8. What advice do you have for beginners? Don't not be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be or feel intimidated. Most everyone started in the same position you are in.

9. What are your goals for the future?

To continue on a healthier path. My immediate goals are to string together some bar muscle ups and get to the rings.

10. Any shout outs...Go for it!

I would like to thank all of the coaches and members for their encouragement and for creating an environment I enjoy coming to everyday, to make myself better. I know I am going to miss a few names, but want to say thanks to Johnny, Raquel, Megan, Tony, Steve and Rachel. Without your instruction, motivation and kind words I would not have been able to make the improvements I have over the last two years.

Last, but definitely not least, a huge shout out to Emily for allowing our family to be a part of the NewCov Community.

Congrats Scott! We are so proud to have you at NewCov CrossFit!

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