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Coaches' Corner: Ally Malkowski

Ally Malkowski is perhaps one of the most nurturing coaches NewCov CrossFit has. She started coaching in April of 2016 while still in college. At the time, she coached Beginner CrossFit and the CrossFit Kids program. “I love coaching Beginners classes and making those people feel good right off the bat of walking into the gym since it can be super intimidating,” Malkowski says.

When you step into one of Malkowski’s classes, she wants you to be certain that you have her support. “I want every person that is in one of my classes to know that I care about their overall well-being and just simply want to encourage them towards their own personal goals,” Malkowski says.

Malkowski coaching her students through a CrossFit workout.

Coaching at Newport Fitness gave her excellent practice for what is now her full-time job. She is an eighth grade math teacher at a public school in Cincinnati. During the last week of the most recent school year, she even coached her math students through a CrossFit workout. “This is where I find my ‘teacher voice’ while I am coaching,” Malkowski says.

While Malkowski didn’t start doing CrossFit until 2012, she has always been involved in sports. In high school, she competed in basketball, softball, cross country, and track. However, back then, her nutrition habits took a negative toll on her when she says she became obsessed with counting her macronutrients and calories. “Since then I just like to put good things into my body,” Malkowski says.

Malkowski with her fiance and fellow NewCov CrossFit coach, Dave Stiller.

Malkowski’s current nutrition and exercise routines are much healthier. She says she eats 90% nutritious food during the week. Incorporating both CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting, Malkowski exercises 4-5 times per week.

Having variety in life is important to Malkowski. When she’s not teaching a math or CrossFit class, you can most likely find her swimming, reading, or hanging out at a coffee shop.

Malkowski (right) completing a CrossFit workout with her friend, Kacie Nelson (left).

Describing herself as a “people person,” Malkowski cherishes the relationships she’s created with her fellow coaches and the NewCov CrossFit members. “I like to bring a positive energy with me wherever I go and I'd like to think that carries well into the gym and my interactions,” Malkowski says.

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