Coaches' Corner: Chris Theodosopoulos

Although Chris Theodosopoulos has only been on the NewCov CrossFit coaching staff for two months, she’s an experienced fitness professional. She’s been a personal trainer for seven years and coached CrossFit for three years in Connecticut and Kentucky. She also has certifications in CrossFit gymnastics, Precision Nutrition, and Master Fitness Trainer in the military. She participated in basketball, soccer, rugby, and track and field growing up.

Theodosopoulos doing rope climbs.

Theodosopoulos coaches Beginner and Regular CrossFit as well as Em’s Fitcamp. While she loves all three, her favorite is the Beginner CrossFit. “That’s the first opportunity you have to shake hands with the athlete who decided to take a step into a lifestyle change!” Theodosopoulos says. “Beginners CrossFit class can be incredibly intimidating and I love having the opportunity to leave a great first impression and an exciting taste for CrossFit with the new members!”

After returning a few months ago from overseas deployment with the United States Army (of which she is fourteen year veteran), Theodosopoulos jumped right into coaching at Newport Fitness. She’s also the Co-Owner and Nutrition Coach of Set Fire Athletics, a company she started with her wife and fellow NewCov CrossFit coach, Raquel.

Theodosopoulos firmly believes that success in a fitness/health regimen lies in simplicity. “If something isn’t working, start back from the beginning,’ Theodosopoulos says. “Fundamentals will set you up for the future and if your basics are broken, you can’t make any progress.”

Theodosopoulos lifting a kettlebell in competition.

When it comes to her own fitness routine, Theodosopoulos exercises 1-2 hours at a time, 5 days per week. She uses a mixture of strength training, class workouts, gymnastics, and stretching. “I try to keep it completely varied, but specific to me in order to work weaknesses and strengths.”

Cooking is one of Theodosopoulos’ favorite hobbies. She and her wife meal prep and cook (she loves experimenting with new recipes) once per week and track their macronutrients. However, she orders meals from the Kettlebell Kitchen service offered at NewCov CrossFit once a week just in case they don’t have enough time to meal prep the way they want to. She also doesn’t think treating herself on occasion is a bad thing. “I do love a good cupcake though. And donuts. Actually, I love all food.”

Theodosopoulos lounging on a float.

When comparing CrossFit to other sports and exercise regimens, Theodosopoulos says that CrossFit goes beyond the traditional focus bringing fundamentals, functional movement and fun. “Staying competitive long term is hard on the body. People miss their sports,” Theodosopoulos says. “This gives us a chance to get a little competitive while getting fitter well into our adulthood. Plus the athletes in CrossFit are pretty badass.”

Theodosopoulos’ favorite part of coaching at NewCov CrossFit is the same as many of her fellow coaches; the people. She says that everyone has been welcoming and forgiving if she forgets a name. “The humans bring the energy, the motivation, and the love.” Theodosopoulos says. “It’s been a really nice experience thus far!”

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