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Coaches' Corner: Jim Anders

Jim Anders is a coach that likes to pay it forward. His first experience with CrossFit was one of our Free Saturday classes and he’s never looked back. “So many fantastic things in my life that I have right now are because of the day that I chose to sign up for classes,” Anders says. “It only seemed fitting to me that I should try to give something back after having received so much.”

Known as “The Morning Guy,” Anders started coaching people during the 5 A.M. open gym at NewCov CrossFit in 2017. He’s picked up other types of coaching opportunities since then, now coaching Regular CrossFit, Beginner CrossFit, and Em’s Fitcamp classes. However, he doesn’t have a favorite. “Trying to pick a favorite is like trying to choose which of your kids is your favorite,” Anders says. “I've had some of the most fun and see the most energy in the Fitcamp classes even from the crew at 5:30 A.M. The Beginner CrossFit classes allow me to truly teach and to try to inspire a passion for CrossFit in people just starting out. And the Regular CrossFit classes allow me to see great workouts and PR (Personal Record) lifts from people that I have known for almost three years now.”

Anders with his dog, Kaiser.

Anders started his fit lifestyle playing tee-ball at five years old. Since then, he’s played football, basketball, and softball. He’s also a military veteran who grew up on a farm, bailing hay.

Prior to coaching at NewCov CrossFit, Anders turned a hobby of software development into a job. He also enjoys making furniture with traditional hand tools. “I'm not very good at it, but I enjoy being able to exercise that creative part of my brain in interesting ways,” Anders says.

Anders on vacation with his family.

Personally, Anders He believes that you get out what you put in, so completes NewCov CrossFit's WODs (Workout of the Day) in between classes. “You may occasionally find me putting in some extra ab work, but you might have better luck spotting BigFoot,” Anders jokes.

For nutrition, Anders follows the WieFit program. It’s mainly comprised of high protein and low carbohydrates and has allowed him to focus on getting back to the level of fitness he had prior to shoulder surgery last year.

Anders eating a croissant sandwich at a festival.

As a CrossFit participant, Anders likes the variety it offers. “I have tried running and lose interest after about 2 miles. I tried pure weightlifting and get bogged down by the monotony of the week in, week out routines,” Anders says. “The constantly varied part of CrossFit has always kept me stimulated and coming back for more.”

Anders also likes the fact that you can scale (modify) a CrossFit WOD. There is not a movement in a workout that your coaches cannot find a suitable alternative for,” Anders says. “And that if you have any question(s), please ask. I always enjoy ‘talking shop’ and would absolutely love to help you in any way that I can.”

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