Coaches' Corner: Johnny Pasquale

NewCov CrossFit coach, Johnny Pasquale, has always known he wanted to be a fitness coach. However, he said he put it off for years because he was “comfortable” in his 9-5 job. “My cousins (and) uncles have been in the gym business for years owning two big gyms in Cincinnati, so I’ve always been working in the gym at some capacity,” Pasquale says.

While playing baseball for College of Mount St. Joseph, Pasquale favored the strength and conditioning aspect over the actual sport. Pasquale says he started out just weightlifting, doing body weight movements, and experimenting with different strength programs. He even developed a mild interest in CrossFit. “I followed CrossFit from afar for 4+ years, but didn’t want to give up my way of doing things,” Pasquale says.

When Pasquale finally became a member of NewCov CrossFit, he learned a lot from the coaches he had at the time. Andy Schneider and Jerome Kunkel, and NewCov CrossFit Owner, Emily Wagner greatly influenced the way he coaches. “I took things from each of them and added things from my experience to put my twist on things,” Pasquale says.

Pasquale competing at the 2016 Gobblers and Gobblettes at NewCov CrossFit.

The relationships Pasquale formed are the best part of being a coach at NewCov CrossFit. “The members are everything,” Pasquale says. “We all have different goals, but share one roof to get to those goals.”

In his three years as a coach at NewCov CrossFit, Pasquale has coached every type of class offered. His favorite though are the highly-attended classes. “Nothing better than coaching a big class in the main room during summer with the garage door open,” Pasquale says. “With a ‘cash out’ run after a tough workout.”

Pasquale coaching at Fuel and Flex, at Northern Kentucky University.

As a coach Pasquale believes that consistency over long periods of time is key. This is true even when you aren’t feeling motivated. “I look at it on a week-by-week basis,” Pasquale says. “Some weeks I feel amazing so I’ll train hard. Some weeks I feel terrible so I am just happy to do anything.”

Nailing the basics, perfecting your craft, working all movement patterns, changing variations, and learning/trying new skills and movements are also important to Pasquale and he tries to lead by example. “My routines are simple, I’m just trying to move really well.”

Eating well is important to Pasquale, but he doesn’t restrict himself. “If I want to indulge, I will,” Pasquale says. “I just get back on track.”

Pasquale doesn’t share his fitness knowledge and passion with just NewCov CrossFit members. He coaches and does programming at a standard strength and conditioning facility in Cincinnati, works with three youth sports programs on speed and agility, and somehow finds time for personal training clients. “Thank you to the members and Emily for giving me the opportunity to do what I love!”

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