Coaches' Corner: Olivia Taylor

Olivia Taylor may be one of NewCov CrossFit's coaches, but she’s no stranger to the health and fitness industries. Her mother is former personal trainer and her stepfather is a chiropractor. Her father opened a gym six years ago in Taylor’s hometown of Canal Winchester, Ohio, introducing her to CrossFit. “Being around the community my whole life, it’s definitely made me realize how important health is,” Taylor says.

Knowing she wants to do something in the health and/or fitness industry, Taylor started her education at the University of Cincinnati in the dietetics and nutrition program. She quickly decided that wasn’t for her so she switched to pre-physical therapy. “I know I will have the health background I need for whatever it is I decide to do,” Taylor says.

Taylor (left) with friends, Jess Bodager (middle) and Taylor Stortz (right) after CrossFit Open workout 19.2.

As a student, she even studied the benefits of high-intensity training such as CrossFit, compared to other exercise types. “In my opinion, CrossFit is one of the best types of training you can do,” Taylor says.

Before beginning to coach at NewCov CrossFit approximately two months ago, she even considered moving back home to coach at her father’s gym “So it ended up working out that I could have the best of both worlds and do both at NewCov (CrossFit)!”

Taylor has coached a few Beginner CrossFit classes, but mainly coaches Em’s Fitcamp classes on Tuesday mornings. “I love getting to start my day there with them,” Taylor says.

On top of school and coaching at NewCov CrossFit, Taylor is a part-time server at First Watch. While her schedule is busy, she finds comfort in the fact that there’s a schedule at all. “I find it hardest to balance everything at the beginning of a new semester, but once I figure out what works with my schedule I get into a groove and usually it is pretty smooth sailing!”

Taylor recovering from a workout during the 2018 Barbell Blitz.

Taylor implements her own coaching philosophy of “you get out what you put in,” in all aspects of her life. She works out at NewCov CrossFit five days per week, and cooks her own meals, restricting eating out to weekends. When Taylor’s not at school or work, she enjoys traveling with her friend and fellow CrossFitter, Jess Bodager.

“If you go into something with a negative attitude and just half-ass it, you’re not going to get much out of it.”

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