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Coaches' Corner: Rachel Hicks

NewCov CrossFit coach Rachel Hicks has been a part of our gym family since 2013 and it didn’t take long for her to get hooked. She knew she wanted to be a coach and was hired by NewCov CrossFit owner, Emily Wagner, in June 2016. “When I saw the difference CrossFit had made in my parents and friends, I knew I wanted to be a part of a community that’s goal is helping people become the best versions of themselves,” Hicks says. “When Emily gave me the opportunity to start coaching I jumped at the opportunity.”

Hicks’ favorite type of class to coach is Beginner CrossFit and she likes to help them reach their full potential. “I like working with the newer athletes and helping them realize their bodies are capable of so much more than they thought,” Hicks says.

Hicks doing some barbell work in competition.

When it comes to her own health, Hicks loves the intensity CrossFit brings and she tries to get to the gym four times a week. However, she’s a busy woman so that isn’t always easy. On top of coaching at NewCov CrossFit, she is a mother of two sons and full-time student at Northern Kentucky University. “My career aspiration is to be a labor and delivery nurse.”

In fact, when it comes to hobbies outside of NewCov CrossFit Hicks enjoys spending time with her sons. “Does Uno with my three-year-old count?” Hicks jokes.

Hicks feels like the camaraderie between herself and the other coaches at (NewCov CrossFit) is unlike any other. “Emily has put together a great group of coaches,” Hicks says.

Hicks doing pull ups.

The sense of community is what Hicks thinks makes CrossFit so special. “I think that is a major reason people stick with CrossFit for a long time,” Hicks says.

Hicks likes to remind herself that every member at NewCov CrossFit has a unique reason for being there and takes into account their personal goals. She realizes that those goals may go beyond any physical transformation. “It is my job as a coach to help them get the physical results they are aiming for so that they can achieve their overall purpose in life.”

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