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Coaches' Corner: Raquel Theodosopoulous

Raquel Theodosopoulos is one of NewCov CrossFit's most detail-oriented coaches. She builds her workouts with a strong foundation, as the basics determine all movement patterns. She tells her clients there’s no room for settling when it comes to form, emphasizing that when a step is skipped, they have to start all over again. But when a lift is built properly, she says that firm muscle memory can carry anyone through the rest of his or her life.

“Once that basic foundation is laid, I love tweaking something so minute that it changes the entire lift drastically. It’s truly beautiful,” she says. “I pride myself on being a coach that has an eye for Olympic Weightlifting.”

It’s no surprise that Olympic Weightlifting is her favorite part of her favorite class, Regular CrossFit. It’s the detailed, strategic style that has had her hooked on the method since she began. It’s the combined functional movement that makes CrossFit is more than just an exercise. Each workout helps clients prepare for the unknown.

Theodosopoulos recording scores during the 2019 CrossFit Open.

She says, “When my sixty-year-old athlete comes in and does burpees, that transfers to him getting up off the floor after they fall. When my fourteen-year-old athlete builds bone density through weightlifting. When my 35-year-old athlete doing handstand walks, that helps her carry her baby all day long.”

The best part of coaching?

“That’s hard. I love the 'aha' moments, the PRs (personal records), and the success. I live for building their belief in themselves, that 'why not me?' mentality.”

Theodosopolous is the owner of Set Fire Athletics.

Theodosopolous' dedication continues even outside of the gym. When she sets a goal, she commits and completes. After leaving the Marine Corps, she vowed to get a Bachelor’s Degree in two years. She can now proudly say she has a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise and Fitness from the University of Cincinnati.

But Theodosopoulos isn’t done yet. Her next goal is to realize her purpose and true potential. In May she plans on launching Set Fire Barbell Club at NewCov CrossFit and offering online coaching tips via an app. This is all part of her company, Set Fire Athletics.

“My real goal in this life to just help humans realize that we are all we need and we are all we have,” she says. “Together, we’re limitless.”

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