Coaches' Corner: Steven Mavrolas

Steven Mavrolas is perhaps one of the most adaptable coaches at NewCov CrossFit. He has changed his own life in many ways and helps our members do the same. “At the end of the day you’re building relationships and helping people reach their goals (even if they may be different) and those are the most rewarding things to me about being a coach,” Mavrolas says.

Mavrolas has always had a desire to help people, but he didn’t necessarily think that desire would lead him to CrossFit. He played baseball in college, but said he fell out of favor with exercise once he finished. “I created many unhealthy habits until one day I looked in the mirror and decided I needed to make a change,” Mavrolas says. “ What started as a journey to get back in shape turned into a hobby which resulted (in) a way of life and a nice job.”

Mavrolas doing muscle ups on the rings at the 2016 Gobblers and Gobblettes competition.

That “nice job” coaching at NewCov CrossFit started approximately a year and a half ago. Prior to joining the NewCov CrossFit coaching staff, Mavrolas created marketing content and collateral for a financial institution. He was a member of NewCov CrossFit at the time, and after talking with his coaches and fellow members, considered coaching sometime in the future. “Timing played a huge role as I didn’t know when to take that next step because of a lack of confidence regarding my knowledge base,” Mavrolas says. “Fast forward to a company wide layoff, the timing couldn’t have been clearer.”

Mavrolas says he makes an effort to give one small cue or coaching tip to each member daily.“Over time these small adjustments become muscle memory and allow for further small adjustments,” Mavrolas says. “Over the course of time those small adjustments lead to huge changes.”

Mavrolas (Left) with friends at NewCov CrossFit.

Leading by example, Mavrolas has experimented and made small adjustments to his own fitness and nutrition habits over the past several years. He exercises five or six days per week and stretches after every class. He says he needs a lot of carbohydrates to maintain energy while exercising, but needs to be careful with the amount of carbohydrates as he’s a Type 1 diabetic. Since being diagnosed, he also adjusted his intake of the other macronutrients as well, fats and proteins. “This gives me a great framework to follow each day and still allows me to be flexible in what I eat,” Mavrolas says.

Listening to your body is something Mavrolas strongly believes in as well. “I’m also a big proponent of ‘riding the wave,’” Mavrolas says. “If your body feels like it’s a PR (Personal Record) day and the programming doesn’t, you should absolutely go for the PR.”

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