Coaches' Corner: Tony Brackett

Tony Brackett officially joined the NewCov CrossFit team in May 2018. As one of our newest coaches, he made the transition from member to coach. As a member, he always felt a strong bond among the coaches and clients. But now, he says, the incredible camaraderie of the Newport Fitness family has exceeded his expectations.

“Being a new coach at the gym, I was a little nervous starting out,” Brackett says. “But the coaches here didn’t hesitate to welcome me and help me out with anything they could.”

Brackett has always had a love for fitness. He trained as a Martial Artist for nearly seven years. After years of competing, he says he was determined to gain strength and build muscle, but he wasn’t sure how he would get there. From countless P90X home workout sessions to two years of Spartan Races, one CrossFit class was all he needed to know he’d found his perfect fit.

After taking just one free Saturday noon class, Brackett was hooked and became a regular attendee. But even as a member, he was always helping to “coach” fellow attendees and offer helpful tips. With a bit of persuasion from his friends, Brackett took a leap of faith and left his full time job to follow his true calling to coach.

Brackett competing in the 2018 Barbell Blitz at NewCov CrossFit.

“I wasn’t willing to get sucked into another job and have the 'what ifs' later in life. So I took a chance on me and made this my career.”

But this career change feels like anything but a new job assignment. To Brackett, it’s an opportunity to help his closest friends and family every day. No matter what class he’s leading, he simply enjoys being a part of his clients’ fitness journeys.

In regards to his own health regimen, Brackett is consistent with NewCov CrossFit's programming, runs regularly, and eats as clean as possible. Though Brackett has coached every class NewCov CrossFit offers, our Regular CrossFit is his favorite.

“I have done a lot of different workout routines and as far as constantly changing and never getting stagnant or hitting a plateau, there really isn’t much out there that can compete to CrossFit.”

Brackett competing in a 2015 Spartan Race with his daughter, Gracie.

Outside of his life as a coach, Brackett is busy with his three daughters and wife. He still competes in Spartan Races and other obstacle course races to continue to challenge his body in fun and unique ways.

Come see why he stands behind his fitness philosophy of “Do your best, forget the rest” in his next class. He’ll push you to perform your best in every set."

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