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March 2020 Member of the Month - Rett Moreland

  1. I first enrolled with Em's Fit Camp and the weight loss challenge, I enrolled to help out a friend lose weight and week of 2 of that I walked next door and asked Emily what is CrossFit... then I was hooked after I saw the culture and competitiveness.

  2. The first thing I thought was "wow. This is insane and what did I just sign up for", high intensity and high heart rate with lots of sweat; but still loved every minute of my first WOD.

  3. My favorite memory thus far was easily my first scaled competition with Jenn Kissinger and making it all the way to the championship WODs. It was extremely challenging and a lot of prep work went into our dedicated planning!

  4. Favorite- deadlift .... but also anything that has burpees or deadlifts in it I love !!!

  5. Least - squat snatch .. Extremely complex and my big weakness.

  6. I do NOT follow any specific diet, I do try to eat has healthy as possible but struggle in areas. I am aware that the kitchen/diet is the next step to evolving into the best version of myself :)

  7. The biggest improvement I have gained or notice would easily being able to compete with great athletes at difficult movements or difficult WODs. This has been my number one goal since I started CrossFit was to be able to compete at a high level in such a short period of time.

  8. My advice for beginners would easily have to be fully embrace the culture and submerge yourself within the community, show up everyday, ask questions and talk with peers/seek advice of coaches. Last but not least, don't half ass anything, don't cheat yourself and don't cheat the process; trust the process and adapt while over coming obstacles.

  9. My goals for the future are becoming proficient within weight movement/gymnastic movements and compete locally within RX divisions.

  10. HUGE shoutout to every single coach because they are absolutely the best. They demonstrate positive discontent and have helped me so much, they share the dedication and attention deserved as I have gone through the beginner stages of CrossFit until now; I wouldn't be anywhere without them and they are all a class act soooo keep it up. Next, shoutout Emily because she is the rock of that place and has shown so much love to everyone with open arms, I love her leadership style with the coaches and how welcoming she makes everyone feel. Lastly, I have to shoutout the 5/6pm workout crews (you know who you are) its the best group of people to be around and gain insight from, as well as, the amount of great discussions with not only CrossFit but life itself!

Thanks so much, appreciate you guys

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